Sarasota Business Attorneys Deliver Comprehensive Legal Advice

Florida law firm assists companies from its Sarasota and Tampa offices

A business cannot thrive without sound legal advice. From handling formation documents to complex litigation matters, Walters Levine & DeGrave helps Florida companies succeed. Whether your business is large or small, we provide sound counsel and responsive representation attuned to your firm’s specific needs and goals from our offices in Sarasota and Tampa.

Enabling new ventures to start successfully

Launching a new business seems like a never-ending series of issues and details, but Walters Levine & DeGrave can show you how to start off on the right foot and avoid problems later. We assist new companies with:

  • Formation documents — We will help prepare paperwork for filing with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations or the relevant authority in any other state where you might wish to incorporate.
  • Choosing a type of company — Several legal options exist to establish a business including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships. Our lawyers can explain the differences between these entities as well as the various tax classifications so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Licensing and regulatory requirements — Establishing a corporation or partnership is just the first step in operating a business. Our attorneys can advise you on which regulatory hurdles you’ll have to clear before you begin operations.
  • Mergers and acquisitions — Often, new ventures derive from arrangements between existing entities. We will guide you through the complicated legal details associated with mergers and acquisitions.

For any type of new business venture, we advise you on what you need to know and do to establish a firm foundation.

Dedicated advocates for all types of commercial litigation

Businesses often find themselves beset by actual and threatened litigation. Unfortunately, successful firms sometimes attract nuisance lawsuits from competitors or plaintiffs just seeking a payout. We can help whether your company is being sued or your firm’s rights have been violated, making litigation an option. Our attorneys have the experience and legal knowledge to maximize your chances if the matter gets to court. However, we are always aware of budget concerns and will pursue options such as mediation and arbitration if they can lead to a better overall outcome.

Knowledgeable advisors who draft, review and negotiate contracts in Sarasota and Tampa

For businesses to succeed, company owners and managers need to be sure of the commitments they have exchanged with other parties. Firm attorneys provide this security to commercial clients with diligent contract preparation and review. We can help protect your company’s value through employee non-compete and confidentiality agreements. For real estate transactions, vendor agreements, or any other contract, our personalized approach to customer service leads us to draft documents that address your goals and any contingencies that might occur.

Skilled counselors help resolve shareholder disputes

Conflicts among the owners of a business can destroy relationships and the enterprise that you all worked so hard to build. Professional legal advice is necessary even if you only suspect that a serious dispute may occur. Walters Levine & DeGrave works with forensic accountants and other professionals to find each relevant detail and then acts aggressively to protect your rights. No matter how bitter or complex the situation is, our goal is twofold: to obtain a fair outcome for our clients and ensure that the business is not irreparably harmed.

Contact experienced Sarasota business attorneys for help with business issues

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