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Employment law attorneys representing companies with all types of labor issues

Even a strong business can be hampered by legal troubles with employees. Walters Levine & DeGrave is a Florida law firm that provides effective advice for a full range of employment law issues. Our attorneys recognize that labor disputes can cause even more damage than external threats can, which is why we provide strong advocacy and counsel owners, executives and managers on policies and training that can help avert and minimize such disputes.

Helping companies avoid and confront discrimination claims

Companies with at least 15 employees are prohibited from discriminating against their employees based on any of a series of protected characteristics. These include:

  • Race, color or national origin — These are protected characteristics under state and federal law. If your company is facing discrimination allegations, we can represent you in court, before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or before the Florida Commission on Human Relations.
  • Religion — In addition to job actions, allegations might also arise from issues such as refusing time off for certain religious observances.
  • Age — Federal law states that people over 40 years of age cannot be dismissed on the basis of age. Sometimes dismissals with no bad intent can be cast as discriminatory. Our Sarasota lawyers can make sure that all of the correct steps are taken if you are accused of age discrimination.
  • Gender and pregnancy — Women and men must be treated equally as job applicants and in the workplace. Prohibitions on sex discrimination also protect women in Florida from being mistreated because they are pregnant, according to a ruling by the Florida Supreme Court.
  • Disability — When disabled employees can still do the job, we can advise you on the reasonable accommodations that must be made for them.

In addition to federal protections, Florida statutes prevent discrimination based on marital status or the presence of HIV and sickle cell disease traits.  These situations often can hinge on minor acts and subjective interpretations. Walters Levine & DeGrave can ensure that your supervisors know how to remain on the right side of the law.

Experienced Sarasota attorneys advising companies on overtime and wage issues

It would seem that following rules for overtime pay should be simple for any employer. Once a worker exceeds 40 hours, they are entitled to time-and-a-half. However, complications often arise that can cause major problems under federal and state laws. Sometimes employees work extra time without authorization. In other cases, there can be confusion about which workers are entitled to time-and-a-half and which ones are exempt. Our lawyers can advise you on the relevant regulations and help you establish systems to avoid potential violations. By establishing the right procedures, you should be able to avoid disputes, but if they occur, we can defend you vigorously.

Litigating retaliation claims from workers who claim to be whistleblowers

Public and private employees are covered by the Florida Whistleblower’s Act. This prevents employers from punishing a worker for disclosing or threatening to disclose the employer’s misconduct. Not surprisingly, many completely justifiable dismissals often lead to allegations of unlawful retaliation. We understand the specific legal elements and can investigate the situation to help defeat specious claims and protect your ability to manage your workforce.

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