Sarasota Civil Litigation Attorneys Pursue Successful Results

Accomplished Florida attorneys represent clients in trials and appeals

The Sarasota litigation attorneys of Walters Levine & DeGrave help clients to achieve their objectives in disputed matters no matter what the venue. We have successfully argued cases before the Supreme Court of the United States and the Florida Supreme Court. Our experience and commitment to hard work and innovation allows us to find strategies and solutions that other lawyers miss. In any dispute, we are always aware of the big picture and are focused on the resolution that puts you or your business in the best position going forward.

Experienced counselors for all types of civil disputes

From our offices in Sarasota and Tampa, Walters Levine & DeGrave draws upon substantive experience litigating cases before state and federal courts in representing clients in various types of civil litigation, including:

  • Construction litigation — Cases involving accidents at construction sites often lead to confusion and finger-pointing. We know how to investigate where the responsibility lies and to hold those parties accountable.
  • Mortgage foreclosures — The turbulent Florida real estate market has led to numerous foreclosure actions over the past decade. Sometimes even finding the accountable party can be difficult. We have experience throughout the state in locating the necessary people and completing the process.
  • Landlord-tenant disputes — Our lawyers provide knowledgeable counsel for both landlords and tenants in disagreements over lease terms, property conditions, rent payment and evictions.
  • Contract lawsuits — As attorneys skilled in every phase of contract creation and negotiation, we deliver strong representation when someone has violated the terms of an agreement or you are being accused of a breach.
  • Administrative and regulatory matters — Advocating before a state board or agency presents different rules and challenges. Our attorneys understand what it takes to present an effective argument before local, state and federal authorities.
  • Civil appeals — We have the experience to appeal lower court decisions and obtain a fair hearing for each argument through well-written legal briefs and well-delivered oral arguments.

No matter what type of conflict exists, or even if you are only considering litigation, we rely on our background and knowledge to provide a complete assessment of what you can expect in your case.

Assisting people and companies who seek a resolution outside court

Too often, the mechanics of litigating a dispute end up overwhelming the issue that prompted the litigation itself. Even when a disagreement is bitter, litigation alternatives such as mediation and arbitration can keep things in perspective and lead to a better, quicker outcome. A strong, experienced negotiator is just as important in these venues as in court, and our attorneys with Walters Levine & DeGrave know how to protect your rights and negotiate in pursuit of the best possible result. Of course, if things cannot be resolved, we are always willing to enforce your rights at trial.

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Walters Levine & DeGrave is a full-service law firm that represents individuals and businesses in all types of civil litigation statewide. We also provide counsel on business, real estate and other legal matters. Our offices are in Sarasota and Tampa. Call 844-616-0384 or contact us online to schedule a meeting.