Real Estate Lawyers Provide Comprehensive Counsel

Legal support for property transactions and disputes throughout Florida

Real estate is often the most important investment a business or family ever makes. At Walters Levine & DeGrave, our attorneys have a long history of representing clients in matters involving commercial, industrial and residential real estate. We have the ability to handle complex commercial transactions that involve sophisticated financing and management terms. Because our firm’s experience ranges across numerous practice areas, we can handle the ancillary matters that often arise from real-estate matters, including contract, insurance and financing issues. Whether you’re a couple purchasing their first home or a corporation looking to expand operations, real estate issues are too important to trust to novices or those who require outside assistance.

Representing commercial clients for all types of matters

To negotiate, close and manage commercial real estate transactions, you need an attorney who has a keen knowledge of property law and the ability to complete sales on favorable terms. Since 1992, Walters Levine & DeGrave has provided the following real estate services to Florida clients:

  • Negotiating and closing sale, lease and loan agreements
  • Assisting with property management
  • Obtaining and evaluating title insurance
  • Representing lessors and lessees for commercial rentals
  • Advocating during environmental and eminent domain proceedings

With each matter we take on, our attorneys develop a plan that will help you achieve your objectives in a professional, efficient manner.

Personalized legal support for residential buyers and sellers

Buying a home or another type of residence is a huge commitment. A good lawyer can minimize the expense and aggravation for both buyers and sellers. Walters Levine & DeGrave has invested in the technology that allows us to provide efficient legal assistance for residential real estate purchases all over Florida. We understand the financial and emotional pressures involved in real estate transactions. That’s why we take the time to explain each aspect of the process so that you are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities and understand the documentation involved in closing the property.

Knowledgeable legal advice for land-use and development issues

Florida’s natural environment presents numerous challenges for those looking to develop land. We can help you navigate through every stage of the land-use process. If you seek government approvals, need to file mandated documents, or face community resistance, our lawyers have the background to assist you anywhere in the state. We understand the special local concerns and legal environment in every region of Florida.

Assisting unpaid contractors and property owners with construction liens

When a contractor performs construction or repairs on a property, he is entitled to be paid for his services and materials. A construction lien on the property provides security to the contractor in the event the owner refuses to pay in full after the work is complete. Our attorneys assist both contractors and property owners in these matters. The process for enforcing or opposing a lien is detailed, and difficult situations — such as those in which a contractor fails to pay a subcontractor for specific work — can and do arise. In that case, a lien can be attached to the property even if the owner fully paid the contractor for that work.

Contact accomplished Sarasota real estate attorneys

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